Who is Monde Atshika?

And why on earth does he, as the only person, start building a health center / hospital in the Port of Boma?
Where, in the first place, is this city located?

As I said, Boma is a port city. Located on the north bank of the Congo River in the Congo-central Province of Congo-Kinshasa. About 135,000 people live here and for a long time now the city, which is centrally located and with the giant Atlantic Ocean to the west, has been an important point for trade. Even the largest cargo and container vessels can sail up the giant Congo River. From here, a variety of important and valuable goods are shipped and have been shipped. And not too long ago, unfortunately, also people.

That situations for some who grow up and live in a port city, can be exposed and sometimes even too demanding is not unknown to most of us.
If the city is located in an African country, it can sometimes mean that the situation can get even worse.
If so, the city would be located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country exposed to a long period of internal conflicts and strife, fighting over incredibly abundant natural resources. And its except, until not too long ago, a people plagued by the deadly Ebola virus. Then it can probably be completely understandable for most of us that this may require extra large resources in, for example, care and nursing.

It was to Boma that about 5 years ago a Congolese came into exile. This man had been living in Sweden since 1989. Studied here. Worked here. Here he and his wife had created a new life and laid the foundation for a family and had children. His name is Monde Ashika

So he is visiting his homeland. Travels to Lodja, the city where he was born and then on to Congo-central Province of D R Congo. Visiting people he has not had the opportunity to visit and hang out with, for a very, very long time. A long time. Things have changed. In few years, lots of things have happened. For better or for worse.

He then ends up in the port city of Boma.

But here in Boma, a lot of thoughts and feelings are also beginning to be born within him. The safe and orderly life in Sweden makes itself felt and the feeling of the gigantic difference in how the security in one country is set against the insecurity in another. The good care in a country is set against the lack of care at all. He sees orphans and outcast women slipping. He experiences how privileged he has been to have ended up in safe Sweden.

Monde thinks of one of her daughters back home in Sweden “What would it have been like if she with her Down syndrome had instead been born to a single mother here in Boma’s poorer parts?” Here you have a completely different view of single mothers, orphaned children and children with disabilities. He thinks about how much more vulnerable it can be in other places in the world and how nice and good he and his family feel at home in Sweden.

More and more, something is growing stronger within him.

When he returns to Sweden and his family, he has not just one, but many and long conversations with his wife. Would she believe in and support him in a project, which then many years ago, was just empty air and nothing. Nothing but a lot of thoughts and feelings about making a difference. Trying to help turn something negative into something positive.

The foundation is being laid for a long-term project. Monde uses the money he manages to scrape together from his salary here in Sweden and with the help of friends and acquaintances in D R Congo, a building eventually grows slowly. A foundation is laid, you build walls, you paint. you wear and drag. Finally, not so long ago, something that should form the basis for care activities in Boma is almost clear.

25th Sept 2020 the first operation takes place. With scarce resources and scarce circumstances, it happens. But what it succeeds!

The idea is to continue to develop this business, so that you can help more people. An economic association has been formed and there are now plans for a Maternity Award, where you will be able to help needy mothers to be able to give birth to their children in safety.

So help is still needed! Maybe your help? You can make a difference! Financially or with ideas for how we can continue and develop our work.

How should we go about drilling for water? Do you have suggestions on how we can get finances for a well drill. Clean water is in short supply. Could you help us with medical supplies, furnishings or anything else?

Of course, we accept financial contributions.

A small penny can be enough for gruel for a small child for a few days, or painkillers for a needy mother.

The holes to stop are many and maybe you are one of those who feel that you have the opportunity to help?