Everyday life for children and their families is life threatening. Violence and abuse are part of everyday life. The children are in urgent need of humanitarian aid to survive.

The Omuna M Sarah clinic clinic is on site with the help, but you carry the resources. The situation is urgent, we demand tons of emergency items such as water, blankets, gloves, necessities for children, hygiene items and mattresses, etc. You can give a gift and save lives.

For only SEK 50, you can give gruel for a child for two days. Or painkillers for a new mother.

With your gift, you are not just helping a child in Boma. You contribute and create a warmer and healthier everyday life for vulnerable children all over the world.

You can follow your efforts here on the website or via direct contact with us.

    Monde Atshika
    Gormsv 25,
    231 68 Trelleborg Sweden

    Account: 8214 3 380 192-9
    Swish: +46 (0) 702202944

    Monde Atshika
    Gormsv 25, 231 68 Trelleborg Sweden